THE STORY... Dr. Mason is The Superintendents' Chief Consultant, Speaker and Coach who has the courage to ask her clients the tough questions. She consults educational leaders on replacing barriers with access to quality learning for all youth. And she coaches positive, action-taking women to discover work joy and world-class businesses they love. As a result of her models and authentic approach, clients experience bold thinking, balanced time, and brave commitments starting with prioritizing their health, home and work. She is the creator of 5DMASONMODEL, and Balanced and Brave CEO  virtual training. Her experiences of overcoming domestic violence as a child, homelessness and foster care, fueled her to never quit! Moving from a place where others first said "just put her in special education classes" due to disengagement to a place of successfully completing honor classes. She went on to score a perfect high school exam score her first attempt. She graduated after bouncing to seven high schools. She had learned to persevere and it changed the course of her life. She obtained her bachelor’s degree, master’s and doctoral degree.

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Today, Dr. Patrese A. Mason is a human rights activist and highly regarded leader, speaker and servant. She has lead in the public school sector for over 20 years. Dr. Mason was hand-picked by the largest school district in Ohio to turn around a failing school. She demonstrated incredible leadership skills; building strong teams, winning the trust of the community, transforming the school climate and creating sustainable organizational systems. She implemented a multi-faceted model of research-based instructional framework, trauma-informed and restorative practices. As a result, her school experienced drastic transformation, increases in family engagement, student achievement and building-wide attendance and decreases in student suspensions. Dr. Mason maintained 100% teaching staff and has been recognized for the school’s significant turnaround.

Dr. Mason offers over twenty years of administrative and teaching experience in public education, grades PreK to 12 and holds Intervention K-12, Principal and Superintendent licenses. She has taught in urban, suburban and rural school districts, and in regular and special education classrooms. She has written state curriculum, served as special education coordinator, and has designed and facilitated district-wide professional development. She has supported the work of college President Hunter at her alma mater, Charleston Southern University in Charleston, South Carolina. Dr. Mason has provided on the ground consultative work in Namibia, Africa and has participated in innovative, educational team leadership training in Paris, France.

Dr. Mason is passionate about inspiring youth and developing other great leaders. She awakens the core in every student and adult through a lifestyle of leadership, speaking, and public service. Her travels include Africa, Austria, Dominican Republic, China, France, Greece, Jamaica, Mexico, Portugal and Spain where she has examined school systems and supported leaders in their pursuit of educational equity.

"I am Dr. Patrese A. Mason and I believe in you!"