International Speaking Services



Coaching | Consulting

Coaching and consulting for organization, superintendents, principals, university leaders, and

professionals whose needs align with company's mission is available by invitation

only. Submit your interest on the website's home page to learn if you qualify.  

Keynote | Event Speaker

A message 60 to 90 minutes in length, designed to inspire and empower your organization. After having research your industry, your issues, and your audience,

Dr. Mason will mold the presentation into a unique experience for your audience.

Professional Development | Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

From 45 minutes to a full day, the area of professional development is based on your organization's needs with leadership and education equity at the center. Participants can expect to increase their capacity and experience a greater sense of collaboration amongst their team!

Conferences | Symposiums

Lasting one to three days, Dr. Mason speaks on a given subject during one or more times during the conference or symposium where other speakers and attendees come together to discuss innovative concepts. She will apply her area of expertise through a research based and practitioner’s lens. The results are a powerful contribution to your event!

Seminars | Workshops

Ranging from 2 to 4 hours, Dr. Mason designs a inquiry-based group discussion to exchange thought provoking ideas emphasizing problem-solving, and audience participation. While speaking floor level, an exciting classroom is developed

where the audience is encouraged to turn and talk on key concepts, yielding a positive and productive time together!