Women CEOs

As a result of Dr. Mason successfully starting her own grassroots

company to support superintendents, principals and university preparation programs, other women began to ask, "How do you

do it?" This need presented the opportunity to elevate economic

development by coaching and educating women in their new

or emerging business.


The Balanced & Brave CEOTM  seven day virtual academy was designed. The academy is only for the self-identified female professional, whose a sharp, smart implementer and seeking to grow her thinking, build her team, balance her time and realize her dream. Ladies learn how to implement Dr. Mason's personal success model, how to combine their life experience and expertise to create a profitable business, and how to prioritize their health, home and work to quantifiably impact the world. Seats are limited. Academies are offered six select times a year.

Process to get started

(1) Request to schedule a free discovery session from this website home page (2) Receive an application, (3) Schedule discovery session phone call for qualifying applicants, (4) Hold the session and learn if you and Dr. Mason academy are a good fit, (5) Submit payment to reserve your seat, and (6) Begin the transformation work from the comfort of your home.

(7) Begin experiencing results in yourself, your home and your company.


Ask about the The Mothers Eatha and Myrtis Endurance Scholarship.