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Transforming Generations with Education

"I deliver keynotes and professional development globally to Educators to increase school capacity with the Child's Champion 5DMasonmodel™.  And I TEAch Ladies how to
discover profitable business ideas while gracefully 
balancing their faith, health, and home.

I love being a CEO, speaker, authorand consultant! My clients know me as The Superintendents' Chief Consultant™, but I'm most honored to be called wife, momma, and daughter."

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Trust Counts


Keynote Services

30, 45, or 60+ minute keynotes

are available for educators.   


Signature Service

The Child's Champions 5DMasonmodel ecosystem is

a 7-hour, 7-week, or 7-month professional development to increase school capacity. Your team selects the length of time.

Who is this service for? 

Only for Superintendents, Principals, Educator Preparation Program Administrators, and DoDEA Chain of Command

who desire to develop

champions for children through research and lived experiences. 



Loyalty Matters


Keynote Services

30, 45, or 60+ minute keynotes

are available for ladies' events. 



Premium Product 

The I TEAch Ladies™  is an accelerated virtual group consultancy designed to attend from the comfort of your home.

The results-driven program is offered on select weekends.

Who is this service for?

Only for positive, vision-minded  

women ready for the challenge of discovering profitable business ideas while gracefully  

balancing their faith, health, and home. Heavy reading is required; audio support available.


Integrity Works


Keynote Services

Free teaching aligned with Titus

2 is available for women's events.


World Ministry 

The Live Prayer & Word Conference Call is every Sunday morning, 3am EST.  Open to Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, South America, and North America. Translations available.

Who is this service for?

For women who believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and desire no-cost encouragement through prayer and scripture. Per biblical principles, Dr. Mason is not an ordained preacher and 

her husband is her head. 

The Firm 

 Welcome   to the Dr. Patrese A. Mason firm where clients experience generational transformation with education. We are a full service global keynote speaker and consultancy firm focused on supporting educators and ladies. CEO, Dr. Mason, offers 25 years of P-20 leadership experience in urban, rural, and suburban school districts. She brings thirty years of marriage, mother of two, grandmother of one, and owner of a successful business that she began at her kitchen table while caring for her family, working as a principal, and serving her community. From homeless to self-made millionaire, she honors hard work and believes in passing on what she learns.

O ur core principles  are trust, loyalty, and integrity. During Dr. Mason's career in public education, staff, students, and parents would consult her when faced with solving sensitive, complex issues. Her ability to connect with people and improve climate and culture gained her the names, "The Fixer" and "Superintendents' Whisperer". This aided superintendents in maintaining staff, growing students, and earning parents' trust. A business idea was discovered, The Superintendents' Chief Consultant™ was coined and the Child's Champion 5DMasonmodel™ was created. Soon, other ladies began consulting Dr. Mason to learn how they too can balance

their priorities and develop a business around their values. The I TEAch Ladies™, a vertical alignment to the firm was designed.

Our mission is to transform generations with education by providing supporting educators and ladies. We believe you deserve services that are authentically dedicated to delivering results. Educators deserve someone who understands their challenges. Ladies need someone who understands their demands. That's why we limit the number of contracts we accept in a given quarter to focus on you.

Our goal is to provide you with one signature service designed just for educators and one premium product designed only for ladies. Today, we are a full-time company dedicated to helping each of our clients meet their goals. Please note that we do not participate in open bids, open proposals, or competitive selections without invitation for the sole purpose of gaining business. We desire clients who select us where we mutually project a good fit. We welcome questions to best serve you!

The Media
The Blog

We believe in empowering our clients with excellent resources that build capacity. One such resource is the blog, written by Dr. Mason as well as other expert leaders in the field of education. The blog is published by one of the firm's strategic partners, the nationally recognized SchoolSims.


SchoolSims provides experience to educators in a risk-free environment through software simulations.


In addition to the blog, Dr. Mason can occasionally be found facilitating webinars on behalf of SchoolSims where superintendents, principals, education preparation program administrators, and other education leaders can experience a live simulation on a variety of trending education issues. 


To access the blog or to register for a webinar to experience a simulation, visit the site below.

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