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The Mothers Eatha and Myrtis
Endurance Scholarship


Founded by the Mason Family Foundation, the Mother Wells Scholarship is to honor the mother of Dr. Patrese A. Mason, Mother Eatha M. Wells, also known as Miss Ann or Mother Wells. Without her, Dr. Mason would not be alive and be able to shift the trajectory of others lives. “Each generation goes further than the generation preceding it because it stands on the shoulders of that generation. We will have opportunities beyond anything we've ever known (Ronald Reagan).” Today, Mother Wells lives to tell her own story of inspiration and faith. 

Believed to have been born December 10, 1938 during The Segregation Era by Black Midwives in South Carolina, birth records were often delayed by the state and the birth was instead recorded as "1939". As a child, Mother Wells started working at an early age. She cooked and cleaned in the family home with her mother, father, and nine sisters and brothers; she was the seventh child. She picked 100 pounds of cotton for $1.50 a day. Mother Wells, married to the late John Henry Wells, Jr., gave birth to seven children, four girls and three boys. 

A faithful wife, a kind sister, a lovely daughter and a valuable friend. She is a praying woman. A woman of great strength, Mother Wells is a profound survivor of domestic abuse. She is a mighty women of perseverance filled ingenuity to fix anything and to make something out of noting. Mother Wells is an unsung hero and a leader in her own right. She is an overcomer of debilitating arthritis and a multiple stroke survivor. Nothing has stopped her.

She loves to laugh and remain steadfast in offering encouragement to others. Mother Wells loves to garden, go on picnics, read, collect angel figurines and is a member of the Prince Chapel Missionary Baptist Church of Loris, South Carolina since the 1960's. She is a meticulous and gentle-hearted woman who makes you feel welcome, warm and loved upon your first interaction with her. One would hardly know her life’s journey, filled with hardship, pain, blood, love, grace and mercy. She is recognized for the selflessness and loyalty to feed, protect and care for her family. For every tough, dry season she has endured she is determined to bring forth a sweet harvest. Mother Wells is purposed and her work is not in vain. Today she teaches Bible study bi-weekly to the residents of the Loris Rehab and Nursing Center where she inspires, provokes positive thinking and brings her natural sense of humor to all. 

The Eatha S. Wells Scholarship is awarded to women who understand the power of believing in themselves, yet need a push from others to show them the way. It is for women who consistently displays inner strength, hope and resiliency in the face of tough obstacles. This scholarship is also made available to an individual survivor of domestic violence in support of their education, job training efforts and/or the establishment of a residence. The scholarship will be awarded by Mother Wells or her daughter, Dr. Mason, who embodies the spirit of pushing others into their destiny.

Update, the scholarship honors the life and legacy of both Mothers Eatha and Myrtis Perry Mason (beloved mother-in-law of Patrese.)
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